Axolotl Tank Setup

Axolotl tank setup is not what most people expect. There’s a few very important things to know when setting up your tank for your axolotl. Do not use gravel!

Axolotl will eat small things like gravel and this can cause them to choke and die. Instead use sand or even just have nothing on the bottom. Many axolotl tanks have nothing on the floor, and that’s safe enough but your axolotl may get frustrated when trying to move around unless there is something on the bottom for their hands/feet to push along. Sand or some other non-swallow-able substance is nice as it helps give home for beneficial bacteria that helps with the tanks ammonia levels.

Substrate options for axolotl tanks

So here we are setting up our axolotl tank, this is us doing step one – putting sand and water into the tank. Please note this is only step one of axolotl tank setup!!! We still need to cycle the tank, add a hide, and we’ll probably add some live plants too so our axolotl can have a more beautiful home.

Next we will be cycling the tank so that the water parameters are good.

It is best to not get your axolotl until your tank is already setup and cycled. This is because it takes time for the axolotl tank setup to complete, the time it takes to cycle the tank so that it is safe for your axolotl to live in. If you get your pet before the tank is ready, you’ll need to keep your axolotl in a small tub and change the water at least once a day so the ammonia buildup doesn’t make axolotl sick or dead. So do your axolotl tank setup first!

Make sure to de chlorinate the water and test your water parameters –