Virtual adopt an axolotl – in its natural habitat – for real

Adoptaxolotl campaign

When you participate in the Adoptaxolotl campaign, the money you contribute is channeled towards several vital conservation efforts. The funds raised from this initiative are primarily used to help the axolotl population thrive in the wild. This involves not only supporting existing habitats but also restoring and maintaining them. For instance, the campaign previously raised about $30,000, which was sufficient to maintain around 40 refuges for axolotls​​.

The scope of what your donation can achieve varies depending on the amount. Adoption prices range from as low as $10 to as high as $5,393. With your contribution, you can choose to purchase a meal for an axolotl or adopt one for varying durations – one, six, or 12 months. There are also options to contribute towards building an axolotl shelter or adopting a chinampa refuge (an artificial island) for similar durations​​.

Furthermore, funds raised from the campaign have previously been directed towards an experimental captive breeding program. This is particularly significant for the conservation of axolotls, as captive breeding programs play a crucial role in increasing their population numbers and genetic diversity. Additionally, a portion of the funds has been allocated to restoring the habitat in the ancient Aztec canals of Xochimilco, a critical natural habitat for the axolotls located in the southern borough of Mexico City​​.

By adopting an axolotl through this campaign, you’re not just symbolically supporting these unique creatures; you’re actively contributing to a range of activities that are essential for their survival and proliferation in their natural habitats.

How to adopt an axolotl virtually

To help a cute axolotl live in a better world, go to the Adoptaxolotl campain. The site is in Spanish, for me the browser asked if I wanted to translate the site to English, I said okay and then I saw it in my native language. They accept payments via PayPal.

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