Rehabilitating the axolotl habitat

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) has initiated the Adoptaxolotl 2024 campaign to raise awareness and support for the conservation of axolotls, a species currently facing extinction. This campaign focuses on educating society about the importance of preserving axolotl habitats and developing interactive strategies to foster a connection between people and these unique amphibians. Axolotl populations have drastically declined, from 6,000 per square kilometer in 1998 to just 36 in 2014, mainly due to pollution, urbanization, and the introduction of alien species, highlighting the urgent need for conservation efforts​​.

UNAM’s laboratory has been actively involved in studying and conserving axolotls, including establishing axolotl colonies, rehabilitating chinampas (floating gardens), creating protected biodiversity areas, and improving water quality through the installation of biofilters. The rehabilitation of chinampas and canals is a critical part of these efforts, with 40 chinampas and 5.5 kilometers of canals renovated so far. The campaign has also gained significant support from various sectors, including schools, businesses, civil society, universities, and the British Embassy, raising over 456,000 pesos through donations and adoptions of axolotls and chinampas

More Info on how to ‘adopt an axolotl

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