Virtual adopt an axolotl – in its natural habitat – for real

Adoptaxolotl campaign When you participate in the Adoptaxolotl campaign, the money you contribute is channeled towards several vital conservation efforts. The funds raised from this initiative are primarily used to help the axolotl population thrive in the wild. This involves not only supporting existing habitats but also restoring and maintaining them. For instance, the campaign … Read more

Rehabilitating the axolotl habitat

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) has initiated the Adoptaxolotl 2024 campaign to raise awareness and support for the conservation of axolotls, a species currently facing extinction. This campaign focuses on educating society about the importance of preserving axolotl habitats and developing interactive strategies to foster a connection between people and these unique amphibians. … Read more

National Geographic covers some efforts to restore Axolotl populations in natural habitat

Published in January of 2022, this article on axolotl conservation happenings, says somewhere from 50-1000 axolotls are living in the wild. The government of Mexico designated 520 acres as protected axolotl habitat in 1993, and the founder of a brewery with his team recently released eleven mating pairs of Axolotl in ponds on a university … Read more